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About Teuton

The servers, services, and network that are collectively known as "Teuton" have been around in their current state since 1995 and are provided by Erik Mugele.

Prior to 1995 "teuton" was a UUCP node that was set up in the 1980s. At that time "teuton" was an AT&T 3B1 running UNIX System V, 3.51 (a variant of UNIX System V R2).

An explanation of the word "teuton" can be found by reading this Wikipedia entry as well as this dictionary definition.

User Services

Email Information

Email services provided by teuton.org use a variety of UCE/spam filtering tools. While unlikely, it is possible that some legitimate email may be rejected. Every effort has been taken to use only the most conservative filtering rules. A locally generated blacklist of sending hosts, domains, and addresses is maintained.

Greylisting is being used as a first line of defense against spam.

The following DNSBLs are used to check sending servers and messages coming from these servers are rejected.

No content filtering is done on email messages with the following two exceptions:

  • Email containing URLs found in any SURBL or URIBL are rejected using a custom script.
  • SpamAssassin is used to assign a score to every email message. Most email clients can be set to filter based on the scores placed in the headers of the email message. Messages with an exceptionally high score are rejected.
Most email going through the system is scanned for viruses and other malware. Messages found to contain any form of malware or Microsoft Windows executable are rejected.



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